PQ Check standard; Bi-Mix Verification Standard; CMP application

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Calibration Kit vial for SPOS Instrument in CMP Application: Bi-Mix Verification Standard

Designed specifically as a bi-modal PQ check standard for Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP) slurry monitoring applications to verify proper operation of the Particle Sizing Systems (PSS) Model 780 Accusizer™ SPOS instrument used in the Auto-diluter / APS configuration.

  • Volume: 5ml
  • Standard material: NIST traceable size Polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres
  • Nominal sizes and concentrations:
    • Approximately 1.5×106 particles/mL of 0.56 µm PSL
    • Approximately 1.5×106 particles/mL of 1.0 µm PSL
    • Product batch will be ± 10% of the nominal concentration; individual standard bottles will be certified ± 22% of the mean concentration and particle sizes are certified ± 5% of the standard size (± uncertainty)

The Certificate of Conformance includes actual concentration testing data and mean size