Particle Count/Size Standards

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Particle Size and Count Standards from Micro Measurement Labs fall into one of two general categories.

Instrument Performance Qualification Check (PQ) Standards

PQ Standards are a useful tool to managers of analytical labs wishing to verify their instruments’ are producing accurate results in between manufacturer calibrations and field service engineer visits. Single size and multi-modal standards certified for concentration (#/mL) are available in polystyrene latex (PSL) or silica. For other materials, please call for further information.

Standards Designed for Specific Regulatory Tests

This type of standard has been specifically designed with lot release and regulatory chapter requirements in mind such as USP Chapters <729>, <787>, <788>, <789>, and <1788>.

Instrument Manufacturers – save valuable bench time and technician time – let us work with you to design and equip your service centers and field service engineers with the calibration kits they need at the optimum concentrations you specify!

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